The integrated ADEM CAM-Solution guarantees fast and efficent handling of the manufacturing tasks. The full associativity to the 3D Model will make sure that all design changes are automatically reflected in the current NC-Program.

Following main modules are available in the ADEM CAM production suite:

  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Lasercutting
  • Wire eroding
  • TDM (Technical data management)

Self explaining and consistent user interface

ADEM CAM is easy to learn. The fully cutomizable user interface will allow users to create complex machining operations fast and efficent. The full assoziativity to the 3D CAD-Model will reflect changes in the NC-Program automatically. Robust interfaces will allow companies to integrate ADEM CAM into their existing CAD-Environment.

Integrated knowledge database 

The integrated knowledge database inside ADEM CAM will distribute the know-how between all ADEM users in the company. Approved machining strategies can be applied easily to new parts.

Effective Operations management 

All machining operations can be managet inside ADEM CAM operations manager. All properties are available at your finger tips and can be store easily inside the knowledge database.

User defined Cycles 

ADEM CAM will support your modern machinery. Machine specific cycles can be defined inside the system and contour and parameters can be attached easily.

Tool- and Material Database 

The ADEM CAM tool- and material database will allow the definition of tool, feedrate and spindle speed data based on the selected material and cutting conditions. The characteristics can be easily selected and modified to specific demands.